Welcome to thenegativespace.life!

I have a vision for what will happen here,
 I am reminded every day by this art that hangs out on my desk that


And so,
I will tell you what happens here as of today
and then
I welcome you on the journey to see where we may end up.


thenegativespace.life is a place where we will

New Doc 2018-01-13_1.jpg

We will also think and talk about the implications of this, asking ourselves, among other things:

New Doc 2018-01-13 (1)_3.jpg

In this space I’m going to practice and model saying hard things through the lens of being a caregiver,

New Doc 2018-01-13_3.jpg

which is (one of) the hard things I’m currently actively doing.

I see caregiving as a perfect canvas for this conversation, as caregivers are often slow to acknowledge and articulate just how hard their role is for the many reasons we’ll dig into here.

As you can see, I am not an artist
in this process I have found paper, sharpies, and post its to be crucial to my thinking,

 and so, I will, at times when I think I can speak more clearly through that medium, communicate in that way.

You may also see writing in the form of essays, free form poetry, and outlines - whatever form best fits with the words I’m trying to share.

I am also constantly being fed, led, and inspired by quotes, articles, and photos, some of which I will share here in the Inspiration Section, in the hopes that they might feed, lead, and inspire you as well.

Want to learn more about me, how I got here, and what I do when I’m not writing, drawing, or caregiving? Check out the MEET ALLISON link here.


Here’s what it boils down to: