books I'm reading

  • Samantha Irby: She should be the patron saint of this site. She puts all the hard stuff right out there in a hilarious, sometimes R-rated way. 
  • Show & Steal: These books led me to create this site, they reminded me to step away from the screen and to get out the post-its and markers, they're my guidebooks for life these days. 
  • Everything Happens: I devoured this book and left it littered with post it notes. It's a peek into the negative space of someone living with Stage IV cancer.
  • Modern Loss: I recently had the opportunity to meet and hear these authors speak at a local bookstore. SO GOOD. Raw, hard stuff, but in real life bite-sized amounts. I want to have a stack of these on my shelf to give out to anyone experiencing loss.
  • It's Okay to Laugh: I got to meet and hear this author too (famously written about in this post). She's the real deal and I am loving her book.

podcasts i'm listening to

  • Terrible: My doppelganger interviews folks about the hard stuff of life.
  • Cold Oatmeal: This is hosted by my brother. I listen to soak up all I can about PR, because it's nice to "hang out" with my only sibling, who I don't see very often, and because it's a pretty great podcast.
  • Jen Hatmaker: I love Jen Hatmaker for her wit and honesty about parenting transracially, the church, pimento sandwiches and everything in between.
  • Something to Say (Rob Bell): My husband and I recently attended a two day writing/communication workshop with Rob Bell and this 7 hour podcast was our homework. It is full of wisdom for writers and public speakers.

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