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It’s Cancer. Again.

We are in an especially heinous type of purgatory at the moment.
We know the cancer is there. We have shiny pictures to prove it.
We don’t yet know how extensive its reach is.
We don’t yet know the plan
How fiery the hell we’re about to walk into will be.

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Our Cells Remember

Perhaps it has nothing to do with the number on a page,
but instead where the moon is in the sky,
how the planets are aligned,
how much or little daylight we are currently allotted,
that alerts our bodies that
is an anniversary
of that occasion.

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Friend, I See You This Thanksgiving

I see you thinking about who sat in that chair last year at this time.

I see you watching your beloved with concern about what will happen between now and next Thanksgiving.

I see you being asked how things are, and giving answers that only scratch the surface,

so that this doesn’t go down as the Thanksgiving that you cried in your potatoes and made things awkward.

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Master Piece

It’s as if the sculptor is working backwards, taking a masterpiece and breaking it apart bit by bit, chisel in hand, never seeming to be satisfied with a work of art that was perfect to begin with.

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