Hear My Prayer

Visited Sean’s Radiation Oncology team yesterday for an 18 month check up and scope.

When we go to the ENT for scopes, there are huge screens all around the exam room and so I can see, in full color and detail and in real time, what’s going on in his throat. I’ve seen enough of these to know pretty quickly when something is there that shouldn’t be.

However, the technology in the Radiation Oncology department is less fancy. The doc has a small camera through which he can see everything, but there are no screens for us to follow along with. And so yesterday, as he put the camera through my beloved’s nostril, the only real time information I had was the doctor’s face.

As he scoped, I watched him closely and prayed.

“Dear God, PLEASE let it be clean.

Dear God, we cannot handle more cancer. Dear God, the world is already too too much. Dear God, we have already been through so much. Dear God, hear my prayer.”

After an eternity, the doctor said, “Everything looks great! I don’t see anything concerning.”

“Dear God, Thank You.”

And off we went with our day. Different words from him would have changed the trajectory of our lives and all three of us in that room knew it. But this week, we continue on with gratitude and thanksgiving for one more good report.

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